Ebm Documentary To Accompany Release Of Jd Twitch’s ‘So Low’


EBM snatches and mashes indignant, aggressive punk intensity with the dead-eyed, unflinching, cold wave stare of machine-rendered industrial sounds. A particular interest has been piqued around it recently, labels like Dark Entries and Common Thread, World Unknown, Crimes of the Future, all show a deep familiarity and fondness for the style. Trevor Jackson  put out a couple of brilliant post-punk/industrial compilations a couple of years ago, and now Optimo's JD Twitch steps up to revisit his first forays into DJing and promotion with his new compilation for the Vinyl Factory, 'So Low'.

So Low is an occasional night at The Poetry Club in Glasgow where I play some of the music I played when I first started DJing back in 1987,” McIvor explains. “At that time the audience I played to mostly loathed what I was playing and rarely danced but then shortly after, when House music arrived I found a different audience who actually liked to dance.”

To accompany the release the Vinyl Factory has put together a short documentary which features words from Powell, Helena Hauff, Katie Shambles and compiler JD Twitch. Hauff and Powell have also contributed remixes to a specially commissioned remix EP, slated for release through the Vinyl Factory on 18th March on both 12" vinyl and download. Hauff takes on the Klinik's 'Moving Hands', Powell PI/E's '49 Second Romance', JD Twitch edits Gerry and the Holograms eponymous track and will also see included a cover by Kubler-Ross of John Bender's 'Victims of Victimless Crimes.

The compilation will set you back £30 and is available to pre-order now from the Vinyl Factory Editions site. All worth it though, 16 tracks across two 180-gram heavyweight plates, screen-printed gatefold sleeve, limited to 1000. Go on you've been good recently.