Dub Police Sampler


This 5 track sampler from Dub Police rounds up the good, the bad and the tedious in one neat little 5 track package. First up is Caspa who has decided to represent his label with an immensely dull track that he quite possibly wanked out whilst catching a 5 minute breather from killing troglydytes on World of Warcraft. Emalkay, who may be forever in the shadow of When I Look At You, continues in similarly leaden vein and the whole affair was looking to be pretty desperate until The Others showed up with their big bag of zany rave riffs and -Jesus Christ whered they get this idea from- fresh approaches to the sound. Their track Quantum Leap fizzes and leaps about whilst maintaining suitable levels of dubbed out menace and the requisite face pummeling go slow beats. From then on its all plain sailing- Subscape come up with a vile and insistent breakstep growler that sounds like a Staffy wolfing a cat made of Pentium chips, if the cat was singing through the mutts mouth whilst being eaten alive and D1 come up with some sort of ace pinging futuristic dance music that takes the wood pigeon sounds of Night and whacks them over some high speed house and bass.

Ian Mcquaid