Donato Dozzy to release LP for Lorenzo Senni’s Presto?! label


The revered producer and disc jockey will appear on the label with a new album set for release on the 25th of October later this year. Donato Dozzy remains one of the most pivotal and acclaimed figures within techno and electronic music spheres for his abstract approach to production which weaves between delicate ambient soundscapes and the occasional flutter of drums or club focussed material. 

The new album is titled '12H' and spans over two hours. It is made up of moving parts as waves of sound merge, weaving an intricate tapestry across a body of work which is truly individual and reflective of the Italian producers humble integrity and attitude towards music. The tracks featured were originally recorded as a soundtrack for the eponymous sound installation, specifically designed by Donato for the Music Bridge – Armando Trovajoli in Rome under the curation of MAXXI Director Bartolomeo Pietromarchi. The body of work is made up of meandering field recordings, layers of sound and flutters of noise scattered atop a collage of ethereal audio. 

The release will be available on vinyl and CD later this year. A track is streaming online:

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