D’Marc Cantu Returns With That 80s Jack


D'Marc Cantu has a new release coming through the Drone label, and it's quite something… A side Decay keeps it strong and tight, launching on a chugging night flight of chubby analogue bass, weird droning patches and head slapping drums. Laurent Garnier, Flugel and Erol Alkan have lent early support, and we're loving it as well.

"Sonically I'm reminded of old home videos," Cantu writes, "a lower quality presentation of a memory. Decay has that quality to it that reminds of a time gone but stills feels familiar and comforting"

B Side Rival keeps up the lo-fi pressure, with a scuddy take on slow jam techno recorded live in a single take – DMC again;

"Rival was the first experiment of my first alias, Rival. It was recorded in a Volca drum machine the first day I got it, no effects and no edits, as is the basis of the alias, unedited analog sessions. One take."

Previews of both below.. 

More info on Drone here