DJto DJ:champion & Terror Danjah


Original grime pioneer and the UK’s leading light in the scene, TERROR DANJAH represents the very best in instrumental grime. Following his recent collaboration as Sons of Anarchy with Champion on Hyperdub Recordings, bringing over a decade of experience to Special Request we asked the two producers to interview each other… here’s the results.

Terror Danjah: What one record/track are you really into at the minute?

Champion: “There’s never really just one I’m into but if i had to pick, it would probably be Legitimate Scandal – Fu Gee La. That tracks full of bounce & bass, right up my street!”

TD: Your Four Tet remix is blowing up at the minute – how did that come about?
“It all happened quite quickly as it goes. I literally woke up to a DM on Twitter from Four Tet asking me to remix Kool FM!

C: Obviously I said ‘hell yeah’ because I was feeling the track anyway. The parts were sent over, I spent about two weeks on the mix & on the day I submitted it, he announced I was doing the official remix!”

TD: If you could collaborate with one UK artist who would it be?

C: “This answer changes all the time but I think I’d want to do the collaboration with SOHN, the ideas he comes up with are out of this world & would love to have some of that infused with my style.”

TD: What’s your ultimate post-rave track – one for when you’re home from the club and chilling…?

C: “So many to choose from but it would probably be a slow jam lol. If i had to say one track i’ve consistently played over the years, it’s Co-Ed – Roll With Me or Usher – That’s What It’s Made For.”

TD: If you weren’t doing music, what would you be a Champion at?

“I’d be either a software developer or a hacker, definitely. I done it in College & loved it but it was always number two to my music.”

Champion Sound: How does it feel to be a pioneer of grime and still be going strong after all this time?

Terror Danjah: It feels good to be acknowledged. I still see myself as I was when I first started. Always trying new things and get my music out there. Over they years, they way music is received is different. Before you could only buy my music physically on vinyl. Now mp3 & the internet with technology has changed that. It’s new challenge everyday. 

C: If you could name three things, what would you say you owe your career to?

1) Life itself, growing up in my era of Revival, Dancehall, Soul music, mainly in the 80’s & 90’s.
2) Paul Chue (Wookie dad) cos he mentored me from my early days. He heard my early material when worked at cutting house (where most Dubplates and vinyl where  mastered & cut) ‘Music House’. Paul gave me advice on my mixdowns & also encourage me to pursue music seriously.
3) Pirate Radio, without it, most if not all of the UK underground wouldn’t exist. 

C: If you could go back in time to any period in musical history, what would it be?

TD: 2003/04 times when Grime was fun, Eskimo Dance, Sidewinder, selling shed loads of vinyl & shooting budget Channel U videos. Don’t get me wrong Grime is still fun now, but then it wasn’t certain was really going on, that made that period most exciting.

C: Whats your defining memory of the early grime years?

TD: Just having no expectations, just going out there and getting the music heard.

C: Who would win in an arm wrestle – Terror Danjah (Hardrive master) or Kode9 (Hyperdub specialist)?

TD: Me of course lol… Then again you can never underestimate anyone.

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