DJ Zinc’s Super Sharp Shooterfinally gets the remix It deserves


It’s always a tough job remixing a classic. Many have imitated in the past and not come close to the true splendour of the original. Something like Josh One’s remix of Contemplation doesn’t come around very often. 

But it’s finally happened with The Ganga Kru’s Super Sharp Shooter with D.J. Detweiler.
 “Back in the nineties i use to hang out with the kool guys here in Las Vegas. i recorded this collabo with my very best friends Dj Pendulum (aka Dj Hype at the moment) and The Ganja Kru (skrillex, diplo, deadmau and paris hilton) now this is online for your ears , enjoy”

Zinc’s response to the remix rightly heaped praise on this incredible remix… 
“I’ve waited 17 years to find the right person to remix super sharp shooter, and here he is” Says DJ Zinc

Need to hear it? Listen to it in all its beauty below. Wait for that drop.

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