Crx091081gb Becomes The Camracid


Robin Price also goes by the moniker CRX091081GB, which is incredibly memorable and sure to become one of those names that you will love to chant at all of his shows: "CRX091081GB! CRX091081GB! CRX091081GB!" I can just picture it now. Anyway, he's now in the process of 'Becoming the Camracid'. "What is a Camracid?" I hear you ask, well, "The Camracid is a migratory bird capable of carrying a synthesiser in its claws and a tune in its heart. Like a magpie the Camracid is attracted to the shiny metal surfaces of fine vintage electronics and hoards them in its nest."

"But a Robin is already a type of bird," I also hear you cry, "why isn't he calling himself the Robin?"

Well that would be because a Camracid is sort of like the evolution of the Robin, like in Pokemon science. Its attacks include hoarding its opponent's synthesisers and piercing eardrums with its screeching.

To be serious, ish, though, here's how he describes the transition:

"Becoming the Camracid is 40 minutes of slightly disturbed ambient and dubby coastal vibes with a heavy birdsong theme running throughout. The music charts the Camracid's journey from feeling 'the fear' in the city, moving through the countryside ‘pastorale’  to redemption and 'the warmth' found living somewhere wild with a lot of synths."

It's pretty interesting stuff, so here's a video for 'The Fear', the first track on his EP, for you to see for yourself.

'The Fear' from Becoming The Camracid is out on Bandcamp on August 1st