Chase & Status ft Dizzee Rascal


So what do we have to show for near 14 years of a Labour government? Some may point to a rise in funding of the arts and education, and some to the ever widening gulf between our countries rich and poor. Pointless. Personally I think the deepest and most heartfelt change has been the transmogrification of Dizzee Rascal (who, to be fair, has only been around for half of the governments term) from aggy realisation of every black bogeyman the Daily Mail could dream of, into, essentially, Sid James with a drum machine.

Oh, it was fun at first. How we pranced to Dance Wiv Me. How we leapt to the euphoria of Bonkers. Even the slightly wack Holiday had a bit of a vibe. But enoughs enough.We know it, and Dizzee knows it too. So hes presented us with two options. Theres the abysmal official single Dirtee Disco which sounds like the soundtrack to Hi-De-Hi but with adding rapping and shite, or theres this brutal monster from Chase & Status, which I think may have invented a whole new bashment-metal genre. Oh, no, wait. Thats what grime was. This may not be the best track Mr Rascals ever blessed, but please Dizzee, please please, get back to releasing more music like this and stop acting like a fucking red coat. Please.

Ian Mcquaid

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