Charlie Bones Of Nts Radio’s Do!! You!!! Show Starts Label


Charlie Bones, the London-based DJ and radio host who helms NTS Radio's popular breakfast show Do!! You!!! is starting a label of the same name.

Known for his eclectic taste and affable manner, a core feature of his radio show is 'Readers' WAVs', where he plays unreleased tracks made by his listeners. One of the three tracks which comprise Do You Records' flagship release, a V/A EP, was discovered by Bones in this way, entitled Who Gets The Cows by Dog and Fox.

With a release date still to be announced, the EP also features a track by New York DJ and producer Bryce Hackford, and Melodies International signee Seiji Ono.

Stream Who Gets The Cow by Dog And Fox HERE, and previews of the EP's other two cuts HERE.