If Doc Daneeka was an actual doctor -and to be honest I suspect he isnt- he would have made this in his darkened island laboratory, lightning flashing overhead as he raised his arms higherhighereyes widening then tightening as he grimaced over the corpse of Breachs original track. BABABOOOM!! the thunder would clap– ITS ALIVE!! the doctor would shriek, and slowly, with dedicated evil intent the monstrous Daneeka mix would rise from the gore laden operating table dripping globular basslines and whistling offkey flute melodies to the whispering jungle moon. The doctor would dance and cackle with delight and the pair would cavort off into the urgent, feverish night on the hunt for fresh souls to swallow. But in a good way

Fatherless Doc Daneeka’s MrrSnrrzz Remix by DocDaneeka

Ian Mcquaid