Theres the bit in Blade Runner where Dekkard is chasing the android Zhora (she of the tattoos and fake snake) and after a long soggy run through the steamy streets he finally shoots a load of holes in her, because hes good at that sort of thing. Well, this song is a fair imagining of what might have been running through her vicious robot mind as she legged it. Its hyper speed and all analoguey in a warm nice way, but still hectic and spiky and beholden to a million sci fi chase scenes culled from the 80s. After flipping through the ridiculous press release that came with Overdrive, I discovered that BotOx are French, that they imagine that their music would be listened to by a car crashing hybrid of Lady Di, Eddie Cochran, Grace Kelly and James Dean (actually, according to Wiki Answers Lady Dis favourite songs were the mighty Rio by Duran Duran, and somewhat improbably, Dirty Diana by MJ) and that one of them is also Rolo Tomassi who likes to make 80s cocaine rock disco bangers, which goes some of the way to explaining the tight high quality production on display here.

Ian Mcquaid

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