Bok Bok launches new label and a fresh alias ‘One Bok’


South London producer and Nightslugs co-founder Bok Bok launches his new label ‘AP Life’ and an LP under a fresh alias, One Bok. 

Set for release on 25th June, ‘Zodiac Beats 1&2’ is a beat tape in its purest sense, which harks back to the early days of UK Grime, circa 2004, bringing it up to speed with nods to UK Drill.

Presenting a distinct, personal sound across the eight tracks, Bok explore themes of solitude, pain, frustration and catharsis, imagining “a soundtrack to reluctant plateaus, destroyed urban landscapes, grimey moshpits – with the inaccessible wealth of the Other London always looming just out of shot.”

Bok Bok has been at the helm of Night Slugs alongside co-founder L-Vis 1990 since 2009 which has become a mainstay for contemporary club experiments, including releases from Lil Silva, KW Gruff, Jam City and more.

Listen to the release below.