Bogdan Raczynski to release full-length album on Planet Mu


‘ADDLE’ is Raczynski’s first album of new music in over 15 years and sees the Polish American musician depart the braindance IDM for which he has built a name for himself.

The LP consists of eight tracks – tender and melodic, yet sturdily upheld by robust bottom-ends, as demonstrated by the two preview tracks ‘LADDE’ and ‘DLEDA’  on which ethereal twinkles reverberate underneath background-noise ambience to give the effect of a music box playing under water.

It follows the self-released BANANS EP which, with its blithe melodies and hollow percussion, was a playful foretaste of the transition in Raczynski’s sound.

He comments: ‘ADDLE’ is about that storm, its adjacent periphery, and what you look like, in and out, when you set foot. As space and time push against you, that process of adapting becomes an anchor. Among that state of being addled, out of flow, seemingly untethered, there is beauty’.



ADDLE is set for release via Planet Mu on the 18th March. Pre-order the album here.