Blip Discs ready new fundraiser EP for Swordman Kitala


The record label has announced the release of a two track EP which features two remixes of tracks written and produced by Swordman Kitala, an artist who has previously released music via Blip Discs. Following the release of his debut EP on the label in 2019 the Kampala based musician suffered a stroke at the age of 27 and has since faced difficulties both physically and financially. Health care isn’t free in Uganda and as such the record label are now raising funds to help in his recovery which is focussed around cognitive physio and speech therapy. 

The release will be available from tomorrow and features remixes from K-Lone, O’Flynn and Ekhe. 100% of the proceeds will be donated to Swordman Kitala’s recovery. 

Buy the release from the 5th of June HERE