Berlin AtonalAnnounce Third Batch Of Artists


Announcing the third batch of artists to be playing at Berlin Atonal 2013, to round out a special Blackest Ever Black Showcase, will be Cut Hands and Vatican Shadow. Atonal’s cathedral-proportioned home on Kpenicker Strasse will provide the perfect setting for Blackest Ever Black’s characteristic take on impending doom, expressed through sheer sonic power and rhythmic complexity.

Legendary Mexican producer Murcof will team up with video artist Simon Geilfus to present a seamlessly immersive sound and light performance.  Italian duo Dadub will let their singular brand of dubby, world-disclosive electronica expand through our cavernous industrial complex, and will develop a special video show for the occasion. Also announced to be on the bill is a live performance by Jacaszek  the Polish master of electro-acoustic music. 

On Tuesday, July 30th, Atonal will also test its philosophy out on the dancefloor. English beat-maker Actress is also up to headline a club-orientated night.