Beats In Space Release New Lp From Palmbomen Ii


Beats in Space are ready to release their second LP, this time from the mind of Dutch artist Palmbomen II. The quick witted amongst you will have already realised that there is a Palmbomen already affiliated to BiS – rather than the collaborative effort that distinguishes their standard fare, this LP is a solo effort from Palmbomen's driving force, the producer Kai Hugo, hence the Palmbomen II tag.

According to the press Beats in Space have sent us, the LP will see Hugo stick to worn analogue equipment, carving out melodies from drum machines and synths, and recording everything to tape. BiS have upladed an eerie trailer for the album, a stilted homage to David Lynch's 90s TV work, featuring a girl talking about the music she loves, and Palmbomen's sound, whilst a wobbling, naive synth line plays underneath. It's not much, but at the moment it's all we've got … and yes WE WANT MORE…


Palmbomen II will be available on March 3, 2015 on double LP, CD, and digital formats via Beats in Space Records.