Bawrut To Release The Rumba Ep On Ransom Note Records


The Madrid based musician is set to return to our in house record label with a new EP packed with jacking acid riffs and playful melody. The three track EP follows on from his previous release on the label which first emerged in spring of last year. The forthcoming release has already been well received by the likes of Erol Alkan, Lena Willikens, Cosmo Vitelli and more. 

Opener Rumba is an exotic space trance made to soundtrack lysergic orgies on hothouse planets (or, as Boiler Room put it “a piping hot acidic screamer specially crafted for peak times”). Routa is a beefy banger dedicated to Ruta Del Bakalao (aka the greatest Spanish rave doc ever made), with all the gleefully belligerent stomp of Homework era Daft Punk. Tano is an alchemical concoction, transmuting handclaps, chirrups, chants, 303s, and deep state meditation into a starburst explosion of unfettered joy.

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