Bass Clef


As starting points, the euphoric love techno of Orbital is a corker. It feels like years- in fact it has been years- since the fields of Britain shimmered to Lush, Halcyon, Are We Here or a million other space epics woven by the bald speccy druids of dance. Bass Clef has obviously seen the gap left in our collective consciousness by the Hartnoll Brothers absence, and, bless him, has stepped up to fill some big shoes with a mystical, rubbery piece of heart twanging dance music. Rollercoasters has got ethereal garbled vocals, Detroit influenced chord warmth and smidgeons of the squelchiest acid money can buy, all packaged up with some woofing bass to keep the kids onboard. Im really enjoying it, and if this signals a new direction for the dubstep maverick Im all for it.

Ian Mcquaid