Banks’ Lil Silva Produced Debut Lp Due September


BANKS has been bothering excitable bloggers for a year or so now, and it's quite likely that the September release of her debut album, 'Goddess' will see the LA songstress blow up. We wouldn't care about such things, if it wasn't for the fact that Bedford's very own Lil Silva has produced so many of her tracks – including the just streamed album title track. Lil SIlva may be one of the few producers in the UK to be genuinely pushing Simon Reynolds oft-referred-to hardcore continuum forward –  whilst other acts tread water messing with the tempo of speed garage, or aping 90s MK dubs, Silva is on a wild rhythmic mission of his own, and his work with BANKS has been consistanly top notch. As the years go by, he's looking increasingly like the closest thing the UK has to a homegrown Timbaland (rather than someone who simply copies Timbaland) with 'Goddess' in with a fair chance of being his first real breakthrough record. 

Listen to the track 'Goddess' here (the rotters haven't enabled embedding)

Goddess Track List:
1.     Alibi
2.     Goddess
3.     Waiting Game
4.     Brain
5.     This Is What It Feels Like
6.     You Should Know Where I’m Coming From
7.     Stick
8.     Fuck Em Only We Know
9.     Drowning
10.   Beggin For Thread
11.   Change
12.   Someone New
13.   Warm Water
14.   Under The Table


Goddess is released on Sept 8th via Good Years. Pre order here