B.O.B. ft Whiz Khalifa


Make a lot of money, then ima quit this crazy crazy scene sings the chorus again and again on this Kanye production. But how much is a lot of money Bob ? If, say, you had enough wedge to score a round trip on Richard Bransons massive space cock, spend all year eating Durian fruit ($500 a pop, great aphrodisiac, collected from the shit of elephants who cant digest it properly, big on the timber baron scene), AND still have the greenbacks to buy your old dear a lovely house by the seaside with an ornamental garden and a view of the lighthouse, would that be enough money ? or would you, as I suspect, continue on putting out rap songs regardless? Think it through next time. Really bloody good single though, chalking up a much needed mark in the Kanye West Not Actually a Pointless Numnuts Box.