aya announces debut album ‘im hole’ on Hyperdub

aya lead press shot © Suleika Müller

aya has announced her debut album ‘im hole’, with a new single titled ‘Emley lights us moor’ featuring Manchester’s Iceboy Violet.

Set for release on Hyperdub on 22nd October, the long player sees aya experiment with voice and sound, “contorting language, dialect, gender and sexuality between intermittently controlled bursts of rhythm, noise and aural goop.”

A press release reads: ‘While it’s wide open and personal, “im hole” also challenges queer art’s tendency to veer towards repetitive solipsism. Even the title itself references the unwieldy mix of self-actualization and sexualization that bogs down cultural perceptions of the trans experience. It’s neither one thing nor t’other, just as much a sly nod to dissociative afterparty sloppiness as it is any self-congratulatory pinkwashed grandstanding.’


The debut album follows aya’s releases for Local Action, alongside Air Max ’97 as A2A, Houndstooth and Allergy Season. Formerly operating under the pseudonym LOFT, aya gained success with her future-facing club tracks that fused and deconstructed elements of breaks, bass and experimental, making homes on labels like Tri Angle, Astral Plane and Wisdom Teeth.

01. somewhere between the 8th and 9th floor
02. what if i should fall asleep and slipp under
03. once wen’t west
04. dis yacky
05. OoBros Prosthesis
06. the only solution i have found is to simply jump higher
07. still i taste the air
08. Emley lights us moor (feat. Iceboy Violet)
09. tailwind
10. If [redacted] Thinks He’s Having This As A Remix He Can Frankly Do One
11. backsliding

Watch ‘Emley lights us moor’ below.

Pre-order HERE.