Atari Teenage Riot


I was in the first of the London May Day riots of the noughties and to be honest it was great. I mean I didnt throw any bottles or sticks or hit any one, or do anything even slightly naughty, except chow a couple of dolphins and gurn my lid off, but there was loads of quality crusty action to keep me entertained. At one point I met this guy called Sid who was there with his missus and 5 kids. He had tattoed skin up on his inner lip with a compass and biro and was wearing a riot coppers jacket that was burnt, allegedly from where hed set fire to it after wrestling it off a law man. As we were sharing a spliff one of his kids ran up, this incredibly sweet little 7 year old girl with missing teeth and bright eyes who was like Dad dad the old bill are comin again and he swept her up, passed her to her Mum and sort of shoved them away from the advancing hordes of gavvers, then picked up a brick and screamed Come on cunts!! and legged it towards the thick blue line. I scarpered in the other direction, like any good middle class boy would have.

Ian Mcquaid