Aleksandra Grünholz aka We Will Fail Announces New Album ‘Dancing’


Graphic artist/experimental techno producer Aleksandra Grünholz aka We Will Fail is set to return with her new album Dancing. It's the third release on Refined Productions, the "slow label" she runs with Jakub Mikolajczyk, head of Warsaw-based label/pressing plant MonotypeRec.

“Taking a break from rationality", Gruünholz explains, "my first thoughts about the theme of this album were about the night, when our sight is limited and thoughts are corrupted by fatigue. 
I don’t dance anymore, I don’t party, I don’t let myself go. Some time ago that part of life slipped away from me. This album is like silently entering into a place you shouldn’t be in. A lot of rave inspired sounds were used on the album, dreamy pads, arpeggios, simple melodic structures; but this album is not easy and simple."

Earlier this year We Will Fail released a pair of EPs, with remixes from the likes of Eomac, M.E.S.H. and Peder Mannerfelt, and also contributed a track to the Houndstooth compilation In Death's Dream Kingdom.

Dancing is out 16th November; listen to the unsettling lead track '2018' below:

Dancing tracklist:

01. Very Urgent
02. Economic Maladies
03. Night (v.2)
04. Put Your Hands Up In The Air
05. So Who's The Man
06. Beasts From The East
07. Reason
08. 2018
09. Diving In Plastic