Albrecht La’Brooy to release ambient album on Apollo


The Melbourne based duo made up of Sean La'Brooy and Alex Albrecht have announced a new LP which will be available from the 26th of July next month. Spanning five long form compositions, the release is titled "Healsville" and will be released by R&S affiliated record label Apollo. The pair have described the process behind the record explaining how they utilised the natural environment and field recordings across the LP. 

""Late last year, we trekked out to a beautiful mud-brick studio located next to a large strawberry crop in Healesville," Albrecht explains. "We spent a few days capturing the feeling of the slow-paced, relaxed surrounds: The wildlife, the strawberry pickers, the sounds of the night, and improvising a response to them with music we felt suited."

This is the second time that the pair have released on Apollo as a label following the success of "Tidal River" which featured previously. 

A full tracklist can be seen below: 

A1. Afternoon Carafe 
A2. Tractor (Featuring Oliver Paterson) 
B1. Alex’s Lullaby 
B2. Healesville (Featuring Badskin & Joseph Batrouney) 
B3. Sean’s Lullaby

Stream a track below: 

Alex Albrecht will play in London on the 26th of July in celebration of the release at a party hosted by Apollo and Plant Life with more details to follow.

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