aircode and Marikiscrycrycry collaborate on audio-choreography performance

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Artist and choreographer Malik Nashad Sharpe AKA Marikiscrycrycry has collaborated with Swedish producer aircode on a new performance centring around loss, lack and empowerment.

Performed as part of a series of livestreams, Malik worked closely with four artists to create series of performances that explored ‘the effects of disenfranchisement and marginalisation on the body’.

Featuring collaborations with aircode, Kelman Duran, RKSS and Taahlia, the performances, recorded at Space289, focus on what dancers can create with the atmospheres and tones provided by the producers and musicians, stimulated by a motive Malik asks in a lot of his work: how can the ‘choreography tell, even dictate, a narrative response to sound.’ 


Speaking about his work as a whole, Malik explains “a lot of my work is about finding solace through and after violence—I am really interested in violence at all frequencies and levels, and a lot of the series looks somewhat at little or large instances of violence—and their transformation. We always find a way through it, and we try to find our happiness, the joyful shit that keeps us going despite what we’ve seen. I’ve always been interested in how we can transform representations of violence, so that we can understand the phenomenon better.”

Malik Nashad Sharpe is an artist working with choreography. His performances under his moniker Marikiscrycrycry are grounded in experimentation and explore the construction of atmosphere, affect, and dramaturgy. London-based producer aircode’s music concerns itself more with tone than genre, seeing her release her sparse composition on labels like TT (fka Tobago Tracks) Alien Jams and Cafe OTO’s Takuroku.

Watch the performance with air code.



Choreography & Performance: Malik Nashad Sharpe (aka Marikiscrycrycry)
Shot and Produced: T.E.N. Studios
Edited: Louis Foster
Performed at Space289.
Dancers: Malik Nashad Sharpe, Riley Wolf, Clairicia Parinussa, Zakarius Henry, Ethan Samuel Jacobs
Live sets by Kelman Duran, RKSS and Taahlia.
The rest of the four-part series will be livestreamed tomorrow (4.02.22) at 6pm – watch here.