Trevor Fung Talks & R$N Ears Exclusive MIx


Wow! The legends are coming in thick and fast over the past few weeks… Trevor Fungreally is someone who fits that category. One of the early adopters of the balearic Ibizan sunsets, he was the one who dragged Oakenfold – finally – out to discover the white isle. Having played an incredible sunset set at last year's FARR Festival on our stage we invited him to drop us an R$N Ears Exclusive mix alongside a little chit chat about said festival, said white isle, his new project Kiing Klang and other. 
Have a listen, it's ace… we'll be seeing more of him soon… we hope! 

You must get asked about this a lot and get bored of talking about it but I'm keen to know and give some background to R$N readers. I wondered if you can tell us about your lineage in this thing called the electronic. By all means keep it brief if needs be but if you feel inclined to go into more detail then by all means.

Will, I have been thru the lot, a young punk, new romantic, disco baby, soul boy, jazzamathingy funk, rap, hip house, go go, dance, hip house, dance, Balearic, indie, Acid house, EDM ?. and it is starting all over again……started buying music in 1975 and still keeping upfront now.
You're somewhat of a hero to our friends SOCIETY so it was quite an honor to have you come play at FARR last year. How was it for you? Mr Farley referred to it as being a "very young Shoom and your only halfway there" Do you agree?
The time that I had there was amazing, to tell you the truth it reminded me of the Boys Own Party in East Grinstead, but I know what Terry means, the Farr Festie is exciting, young & old and they all really know their music, which is so healthy and is playing it's part of the new underground scene.
You're lauded as mentoring Paul Oakenfold. Am I right in thinking you were the person introduced him to Ibiza first? Can you talk us through your early years in Ibiza. What was the island like back then and do you still go back now?
I started with Paul way before Ibiza, we ran a few clubs together; FunHouse, Ziggy's, The Project Club..etc, I spent my summer seasons at Ibiza in 1983 & 1984, I kept inviting him over, he eventually made it in1987, the year me & Ian St. Paul had opened The Project Club in Ibiza for the summer.  Paul was running the Project in London, we had started the club in 1983 with our warm up  DJCarl Cox. Oakie eventually made it out late that summer of '87.  The island was very different then, not many UK tourists, mainly a lot of Scandinavians, Europeans, Canadians & Americans.  When I do usually go back to Ibiza, I warm up for Oakie.
It's written that you went out to the Cafe Del Mar in 1977 – the year I was born. Harvey talked in a recent interview Miles did with him on these pages of going back to Cafe Del Mar this summer and it being "completely empty.  And I was like blown away, people have no idea. they’re all sitting on the front there, seeing and being seen and they’re missing out on this little gem. So I sat there on my own in the completely Cafe Del Mar and I watched the sunset and ordered myself this chocolate milk on ice and spoke  to the waiter about how I was friends with Jose Padilla and how we used to drink brandy and chocolate milk… and it was magical." What was Cafe Del Mar like for you back then and have you been there recently?
No, I first went out to Ibiza in 1977, Cafe Del Mar wasn't open then, my memories were it was in 1981, the place for sunset,  backgammon and a cool drink.
The last time I was there people were playing their own music, drinking their bought drink… a bit sad really.
Have you been to any Croatian festivals? How do you feel Adriatica compares to the early Ibizan years? 
A great question, NO I have not been to any Croatian festivals. Anyone…? 🙂
You were recently spotted lingering at A Love From Outer Space. Is this slowed down sound that Andrew, Sean et al are pushing at the moment something that strikes a chord with your ears? 
I enjoyed it and another great night ! I Love what Andy & Sean are doing …. yes the music is slowing down and about time…Chug Chug Chug
You started DJing at the age of 14. It must be amazing to have lived through all these changes in club culture. It feels like it's at a very creative point again away from the mainstream dross clogging up both the charts and the American EDM market. What's exciting you in modern music at the moment?
We are back into good music and that is what it is all about, some great clubs & DJ's that are pushing all the way… Alfos, Thunder, Tief, Lowlife, DSS, The Society, Farr, Kling Klang and many more..
There's a renewed interest in the origins of electronic music with a nod back to the past and an excitement to produce on analogue equipment. Coupled with that there's the whole vinyl debate. Do you think that the absurd abundance of choice with the advent of computer production and DJing has driven some people in the opposite direction in turn creating a more traditional counter culture to that of a Serato/Traktor/Ableton led market? 
The music at the moment is immense, I am loving that old throwback with the new grooves and have been playing it for a few years now. but there is lots of good stuff out here.
The Vinyl or Digital debate ha ha? that old chestnut…Nothing against Serato, Traktor, Ableton, but I love the sound of vinyl, if you play digital, it has to be high quality wav or aif. It's what you do with the tracks that count, the way you play & put them together to create the journey.  Look at Andy & Sean (they play all night) they create the journey for ALFOS…FAB ! 
How was the Shoom reunion?
Amazing, Danny put on a great party and respect to him. The new & experienced DJ's, production, staff,  the new & old punters all made the night,  they all came with the right attitude to party..Shoom….there is something in the air !
What is the new balearic beat?
It's out there or it's coming soon lol 
Let's talk about your new venture Kling Klang. What's the idea behind it?
Kling Klang is a team effort, a collective of musical nuts, bringing all different musical styles yet complementing each other. KK wants to bring the true spirit of good music and bring back the policy of anything good goes.. and we will be doing out stuff this Friday at Hysteria, Dalston from 9pm
In the basement where the beats aren't too fast and aren't too slow, the music will be supplied by: 
Trevor Fung – Higher Ground / Project Club / Shoom
Dave Jarvis – Faith/Moton Records inc
Booth Staff – Terry Childs & David Hawkes
In the bar where the music drifts from soul to funk to jazz to slo mo we have: 
Electric Boogie
Rob Fung – 
Jon Nelson – S.U.M. Recordings
Faith Xmas Collective
Ho Ho Hold on tight….
Loving the mix you've done for us. Can you talk us through it and what and why these tracks excite you…
Thanks Wil, It is a mixture of genres that all fit, It is all about the musical content, starts off with the Acid Piano Neville Watson , a couple of classic old '88 tunes, deep house, some dirty Detroit disco, tech house, that big track Paranoid London – Paris Dub…I love that track and ending a lovely deep melodic Chicago deep house number.  Creating the journey, I hope you all like it .
You left FARR last year because you had to go to Carl Cox's 50th. Are you going to be hanging around a little longer next year?! 🙂
All day & night long..and I am so looking forward to play Farr again (sssh we're not allowed to talk about that yet! Ed), it is a fantastic Festival, right people, music and attitude. (rumour has it's his bday that weekend too!)
Thanks for your time Trevor
Thanks Wil