Toydrum – Lots Of Bits Of Star (Kai & Sunny) – ‘Monday Is Ok’ Ransom Note Mix


See Monday really is OK. The sun's even shining today. With that in mind we're launching the Monday Is OK mix. We kick this off with a mix from Toydrum, celebrating artists Kai & Sunny's Lots of Bits of Star exhibition at the Jonathan LeVine Gallery.

Lots of Bits of Star, a series of new works by the London-based artist duo Kai & Sunny will be their first solo exhibition in New York.

Toydrum are Pablo Clements and James Griffith new project, best known for there music as part of Unkle for the last 8 years and as the Psychonauts and Big in Japan.

The mix is ace and perfect for a cold Monday afternoon!  So we asked them about the conception of this selection:

"The mix was inspired by the poem written by Alex Mass, a member of the psychedelic rock band The Black Angles.  It was an exciting return for us to be back collaborating with Alex having last worked together on the track 'With You In My Head' in the film 'Twilight:Eclipse'
The mix explores how music and the written word impact Kai & Sunny's work. A limited number of CDs will be pressed for the show."


 In conjunction with the exhibition, the artists will release a new print edition, available for purchase at the opening reception.

Lots of Bits of Star will also include an original collaboration with Shepard Fairey. Additionally, an exclusive poem was written by Alex Maas, a member of the psychedelic rock band, The Black Angels, as a direct response to the works in the exhibition. Maas and friend.