Tatyana Jane: The ‘Shine A Light On’ Mix


Emerging from Paris, Tatyana Jane is a dj with a reputation on the rise. With regular appearances on Rinse France she has become well known for her eclectic yet fun focussed take on dance and electronic music fusing elements of house, funk, soul, amapiano, rap, r’n’b and beyond. 

Growing up in a Cameroonian family full of musicians and music lovers, Tatyana was exposed to a wide range of sound and dance from an early age.

In the present day she is working to craft her own niche sound, working in the studio to produce music which represents her own sensibilities and creative personality. With numerous releases and remixes in the pipeline we’re expecting it to be only a matter of time before she becomes big news. 

She steps up with over an hour of dancefloor focussed pressure – dig in. 

Listen and download below:

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