Graintable: The ‘Shine A Light On’ Mix

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Following the release of his new album, we feature a mixtape which spotlights Graintable’s rather interesting record collection.

Last month saw Graintable release a new LP via our own ransom Note Records label. The Portland Native delivered a ten track ambient album which was the result of a number of late night studio sessions. It showcased a slightly different side to Graintable’s own musical trajectory and so it seemed fitting to dig a little further.

The album was titled “The Rain In The Trees” and was  borrowed from a book of poems by W.S. Merwin. The theme of the project was rebirth and new beginnings, channeling elements of nature and growth into the thematic premise for the record.


When we asked Graintable for this mixtape, we weren’t entirely sure what we were going to get. In all honesty some of the most interesting and innovative mixes we have ever received or featured have begun with similar stories.

However, the end result is quite remarkable as he chooses to showcase and represent music only from the city of Portland. A celebration of new beginnings for musicians and artists who have emerged from the city past, present and future…

A full tracklist can be seen below, dig in:

Omni Gardens – Wood Grain
Patricia Wolf – Springtime In Croatia
Crystal Quartez – Dispersal
Amulets – Observer Effect
Survival Skills – Seed
Slurgeon – Straylight Run
Carly Barton – Heart Scale I (Dive)
Best Available Technology – Very Hungry Database
Saltfeend – With Without
JMV – Online Flex (Sonoran Vrsn)
Golden Donna – Hurts So Bad
José Medeles – Richness of Peace with M. Ward
Saloli – Promenade

Buy the new album HERE.