Kitto Records announce EP from multinational three-piece Nyamekye Junction


The Accra-based three-piece are gearing up for the release of their new EP on London’s Kitto Records.

The release follow’s the label’s last outing, Sankofa Season, a debut collaboration from Andrew Ashong & Kaidi Tatham, and introduces the UK to the band’s singular style with the first single ‘GMT’ (short for ‘Ghana Man Time’).

Taking their name from the bustling junction in the Ghanaian capital, where the three artists all met by chance, Nyamekye Junction, pronounced Nyah-mi-cher, are challenging lazy stereotypes of what African music is and should be.


The band is made up of Burundian producer and vocalist Betina Quest, Ghanian singer-songwriter Eli A Free and German percussionist and multi instrumentalist, Matt.ic, who together explore the meeting point of the cultural heritages, embodied in name and sound.

The four tracks on Dasein (from the German for ‘existence’, ‘being there’) marries West African percussion, like Frikyiwa, Kpanlogos and Kayamba, with mesmerising vocals and synths and samplers to create something that sits between futurism and nostalgia.

Speaking about the release, Betina Quest says: Nyamekye Junction sounds like nothing I have ever heard before. For a musician that’s an exciting moment.”

1. GMT
2. Eyes Don’t See
3. Cloud 21
4. Aduro

Dasein will be released on 24th June 2022.