Goldmund: The ‘Monday Is Okay’ Mix


Originating from Pennsylvania, Goldmund is the alias of Keith Kenniff, a producer whom has received critical acclaim for his contemporary take on modern electronic music and neo classical. He has been recognised alongside the likes of Hauschka, Dustin O’Hallora and many more and has been enterprisingly busy to boot. This month marks the release of a new album on Western Vinyl, titled "Occasus" the album draws upon few elements and blends carefully timed instrumentation to create an effect which is far bigger than anticipated. 

We invited him to deliver a mix, whilst not strictly a disc jockey he goes deep through influential elements of his musical progression and takes us on a wild existential journey. 

Listen and read the interview below: 

​Please introduce yourself… Who are you, where are you and what are you?

My name is Keith Kenniff, I live in the US and I write music as Goldmund (also as Helios, under my own name, Keith Kenniff, and Mint Julep), and I write music for film and TV. 

What does your music sound like?

Goldmund music sounds very quiet, is piano-based, minimal. Helios is ambient/electronic, Mint Julep is more synth-pop/shoegaze, and my commercial work is all over the place stylistically.

Tell us about the Monday mixtape you’ve put together for us.

I pulled together some more ambient and experimental tracks that I've been hooked on lately / in the last couple of years. I wanted the mix to feel like it was an album of sorts instead of a collection of tracks, so the timbre has a varied but common thread throughout. 

0:00 – Fla.mingo – Friend
2:32 – Strategy – Occurence at the Triple Door
6:04 – Wax Stag The Greatest Grace
11:52 – 1991 – No Hope
14:26 – Brothomstates – Adozenaday
19:56 – Benoit Pioulard – Litiya
22:58 – Emptyset – Lens
25:45 – Holden – Circle of Fifths
28:27 – Botany – Sunna_Show Me
31:44 – Sepalcure – DMD
33:04 – Bibio – Autumn Struck
37:28 – Deru – Let the Silence Float
42:00 – Lone – Struck
44:00 – Sima Kim – Sketch #2
45:08 – Wouter van Veldhoven – Fluister Sketch_04-2012
46:54 – Christopher Tignor – Cathedral, Pt.2

If it were to be drawn what would it look like?

A curvy line with no discernible arc. 

What would be the ideal setting to listen to the mix?

Good quality headphones, always good headphones, in a quiet place.

Where was it recorded?

At my home studio

Who got you hooked on electronic music?


What were the first and last records you bought?

The first album I bought (on cassette) was Bobby Brown’s “My Prerogative”, and the last one I bought was Otto Totland’s “The Lost"

What are you obsessed with at the moment?

I love the stuff on Astrophonica (Fracture’s label), Geographic North’s label, Novo Line, I like MGMT’s song “Little Dark Age” a lot, and Rheya’s EP “Union”. 

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