Gacha Bakradze: The Ransom Note Mix


Next up in our series is a producer with a singular take on electronic music, Gacha Bakradze is a creator with a unique sense of style and an abstract understanding of the wider context of electronic music. The sounds he creates are almost cinematic and over the years he has released an exceptional catalogue of music for the likes of Apollo, Lapsus, Transfigured Time, Fever AM and many more. 

Originating from Tbilisi he has helped pioneer a new wave of electronic musicians who have drawn upon inspiration from early IDM and electronica. Across a number of years his sound has evolved becoming more playful and abstract in terms of sound design and scale. It's all got bigger for Gacha Bakradze and we feel that he is a key representation of the forward thinking trajectory dance music has taken of late. 

This mix wanders between house, techno and electro in fine style. 

One to watch. 

Listen below: