ELSEMIX: Homeboy


Marko Pelaic has been a prominent figure amist the Berlin underground for many years now. He follows in the inspiration of Walter Gibbons who described a prolific relationship with music and culture as follows:

"The mainstream comes to you, but you have to go to the underground."

It is this ethos which Marko has brought to the forefront of his musical ideology. As a disc jockey he plays widely and with eclectic reference, his tastes are vast and are grounded in legacy and musical culture far beyond the stereotypes of dance music. Raised between Germany and Croatia his music is as much inspired by the natural majesty of the Adriatic as it is by the frenetic pulse of cities like Frankfurt and Berlin. As a producer he has released music on the likes of Hypercolour and Speak Recordings. He has also curated a successful label alongside friends Janis & Oliver Achatz in the form of House Is OK. The label has been responsible for the release of music by Homeboy himself as well as the likes of Roman Flugel, Kornel Kovacs, TCB, Adham Zahran and more. 

Based in the German capital he has cut his teeth and formed a close relationship with both Renate and ELSE where he is now a resident. With this in mind and ahead of a special party this Sunday in collaboration with BAR we have invited him to record a mix as part of the special ELSE curated series. 

Listen below:

Catch Homeboy alongside Young Marco, Vladimir Ivkovic, Legowelt and more this weekend at ELSE HERE. Follow Homeboy on facebook HERE