Delta Rain Dance: The ‘Monday Is Okay’ Mix


It's always interesting when a musician or producer decides to embark upon an alternative route, channeling their creativity through a new outlet with which fresh opportunities await. This is exactly what the Delta Rain Dance project is all about, an open, original display of honest musical expression without the stereotypical personal associations. 

Based in Berlin, the Delta Rain Dance project is an alternative approach to electronic music and is advertised as being a "hybrid puzzle of melodic cuts, DJ tools and drum tracks." These musical works have also been created with the purpose of reinvention and remix in mind, the music is open to all and free for reuse and reinterpretation. Encouraged even. 

The music itself features a mix of delicately tuned electronics, some feature melodic development whilst others simply operate as soundscaopes and loops. It would appear that the releases will act as freeform works within which playful experimentation is the focus, the result is honest, humble and intriguing. 

With all of this in mind, we felt it was a good time to invite a mix from Delta Rain Dance, recorded as a rhythmic yet beatless experience it is the perfect soundtrack to a moody, cold Monday. 

Glenn Astro is Delta Rain Dance. 

Listen and download below: 

Tracklist below: 

1. Orquesta De Las Nubes – Solo Uno (Linterna Musica) 2. Claude Perraudin – Troglodytes (Patchwork)
3. Tortoise – ten-day interval (Thrill Jockey Records)
4. Plux Quba – Entre Si (Drag City)
5. Otto Sidharta – Ngendau (Sub Rosa)
6. Little Movies – Oisin (Wah Wah Wino)
7. LM-1 – Locked Groove 2 (Private Press)
8. Qnete – Stomach (777)
9. Soultek – Sunny Day In Montego Bay (Skor Records)
10. Chip E. – Jack For Daze (Locked Groove) (Endless Loops)
11. Delta Rain Dance – Trancemission Eleven (Delta Rain Dance)
12. DJ Duke & The Breaking Crew – Tripping On Sunshine (Sunshinepella) (Odyssey Recordings)
13. Delta Rain Dance – Trancemission Five (Delta Rain Dance)
14. Brothermartino & Ivory Boy – o arquiteto paisagista (M$R)
15. SW. – Untotled C1 (Apollo/SUED)
16. Milan W. – Malady (Ekster)

Visit the Delta Rain Dance website HERE