Blackhall & Bookless: The ‘Monday Is Okay’ Mix


Monday morning's can be difficult to fathom. They don't make sense. This may be due to the brain cells lost the weekend before, or it may just be the general effect of an early start.

However, our Monday mix series is here to help, ambient and eclectic, let yourself become absorbed. The founders of Jaunt Records have stepped up to deliver us an assortment of music old and new. Blackhall and Bookless were originally known for their hugely succesful parties which they formed in Newcastle back in 2007, fast-forward some ten years later and the pair have become producers in their own right. Their self released debut EP featured remixes from the likes of Fred P & Virginia and received critical acclaim from far and wide. Blackhall and Bookless represent some of the strongest elements of British electronic music, with little more than a diy outlook and some warehouses they have now built fully fledged musical careers from the grassroots up. Listen to the pair's Monday mix below:

Who are you?

Two Geordies called Chris Blackhall & Chris Bookless. We both met through the love of electronic music when we were 13, we bonded through this passion and this led us to playing and producing together. We run and promote our party Jaunt which we are residents at, its based in Newcastle and London and we are currently embarking on our 9th anniversary in Newcastle. We also manage Jaunt Records.

Where are you?

Bookless – Currently in LA, deep in the valley near Topanga Canyon
Blackhall – In a remote cottage in Devon

Both escaping our current home East London right now..

What are you?

Two passionate music lovers, DJs, Producers, Label Managers and Events throwers.

Tell us about the Monday mixtape you’ve put together for us?

This mix covers a different aspect of music which we are really happy to share. We like a large spectrum of music but recently have been drawn towards ambient/ electronic works. We have been starting most of our early sets with ambient tracks so we have naturally been making and exploring with ambient and electronic material in the studio. Bookless – I have been attending some sound healing events in London and both of us have been meditating quite a lot so this factor has definitely inspired us.

What would be the ideal setting to listen to the mix?

Either places we are currently based right now would be perfect. This mix will hopefully transport you to a place of reflection and peace, so it can be enjoyed anywhere to escape from the craziness of life. Being in nature with some mushrooms would be advised!

What should we be wearing?

Nothing but a crystal necklace….

Where was it recorded?

In Blackhall’s new music room in London Fields, East London.

Your label Jaunt, and productions as Blackhall & Bookless are known generally for innovative yet club ready techno – do you produce ambient stuff or is this just a nice detour from your usual focus?

Bookless – We have been naturally exploring with ambient stuff in the studio and we have really resonated with the process and what we have been creating. Half the material we have worked on this year is ambient/electronic but we are still unsure what we are doing with it. It brings a good balance into our creative process.

Blackhall – I also feel that this year part of the reason we have been drawn to the more ambient and emotional sounds in the studio is because of the hard time that we both have been going through. My dad died in January and Bookless has had some intense health issues. Unintentionally this has resulted in us expressing our emotions more in music and producing more ambient tracks with a lot of feeling and depth.

It seems like there’s a really healthy focus on ambient music at the moment – who are some of your favourite producers who are creating this kind of music?

Massive fans of LA based Leaving Records and Matthew David the label owner, also Faux Pass and 1080P put out some really interesting bits. Obviously Liraaj, William Basinki and Brian Eno too. Antigone has done some great ambient stuff and we love older stuff by Stasis. Most of the above are featured in this mix.

Can the use of whale song in music ever be artistically justifiable?

Bookless – 100% Its not something we listen to but I do listen to a lot of delta wave sounds and native american flute music which I find inspiring.

Who would win in a fight between Brian Eno and Harold Budd? (Bare knuckle – butt naked)


Coming up in the world of Blackhall and Bookless…?

Moving into a new studio in Hackney so looking forward to hiding in there all Winter. We were both playing and traveling a bit in the summer so we took time out of the studio so we could sit on the material we had made and have a break. Arranging a few Jaunt events in Newcastle like our 9th Anniversary and planning the schedule for Jaunt Records. We also have some gigs in the UK over the next few months.

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