Quickfire: Marshall Jefferson & Todd Terry


Marshall Jefferson. Todd Terry. If you're reading Ransom Note you probably don't need to know much more than that. Two titans who, between them, have reshaped pop culture around the globe, both have had immense impact in the UK ( we'd even suggest that they're more revered here in our House loving nation than they are back home), and both are still big in the game, smashing clubs week in week out, bringing out killer tunes, and tirelessly spreading the gospel of jack. We're pretty sure this is the first time Terry and Jefferson have interviewed each other, so finally we get to know the pressing answers to the big questions: Who owes Todd money, why does Marshall think Kanye married Kim K, and just why does Todd wear his cap backwards….?

Marshall Jefferson to Todd Terry

Why do you wear your hat backwards?

It works better with my receding hairline.

Do you drive?

All the time, and really fast.

What are you proudest of in your life?

My kids, and their baby mommas

Did you ever meet Wendy Williams before she got really famous?

I met her when she was a little horse, now she is a big horse.

Who is your best friend?

White Boy Rob. Why? He lent me $300K.

Do you exercise regularly?

Hand and lotion.

Who is your all time favourite music artist?

Quincy Jones vs James Brown.

What audio interface do you use?  


Who shot JR?

No one, he wasn't shot, Wendy Williams trampled him with her hoofs.

Any “friends” out there owing you money that you want to bust out?

Scarlett Santana, she owes me $1200.

Are you a Knicks fan?  

I like the colors that they wear.

You’re suddenly a time traveler, what year would you go back to?

The year before I sampled "Move Your Body" so I wouldn't owe you my career!

Todd Terry to Marshall Jefferson

Who do you think the basketball mvp should be: James harden, Steph Curry or Russell Westbrook?

Steph Curry.

Which sneakers do you prefer Nike, Adidas or Jordans?

Adidas, they match a pair of headphones I got.

Turntables or CDjs?


Do you think DJs are good actors?

Oscar level actors, all of them, in my opinion.

Which DJ should have been knocked out a long time ago?

Well he was, Nigel Benn.

Who would you bang first, Wendy or Oprah?

Wendy of course.

Who are biggest influences besides me and Robert Owens?

Jimmy Page, Elton John, Curtis Mayfield and Andy Summers.

Do think SUVs should have bathrooms?

They don’t have them?

Why do you think Kanye married Kim Kardashian?

The same reason ANY artist EVER gets married – she’s got more money than him.