Point G Talks


"Don't call it a come back!" spat LL Cool J "I've been here for years.." The same could be said of DJ Gregory – it doesn't seem right to say that prolific Parisian producer is under going a resurgence, because he's never really been away. However, the last couple of years have seen a ground swell of fans rediscovering his long lost alias Point G, with which Gregory recorded two ultra rare late 90s EPs of rough, jackin tracks. Following the 2012 re-issue of 'Chicken Coma', Gregory has been steadily reissuing the old Point G archives, whilst contributing 4 new EPs of tracky, percussive bombs, all perfectly calibrated for for today's dancefloors. He's now taking on live shows as Point G – with a tasty looking gig coming up on June 14th playing alongside Marcellus Pittman and Delano Smith at the Lola ED vs Half Baked party @ Off Week Barcelona – tickets and more details for which can be found here. In advance of that show we caught up with Gregory to find out what the Point G live experience is all about


What kit do you use, and what can we expect from a Point G live set at Lola ED vs Half Baked on 14th June?

I use stems of my tracks that I trigger and loop and you may hear interactions between tracks. The live set features old, current and forthcoming POINT G cuts.

How separate do you keep your different alias’s ? Like would you ever remix a DJ Gregory track into a Point G set?

I already do it actually đŸ™‚ Regarding the alias POINT G tends to be very tracky and basics whereas DJ Gregory is more produced with sometimes more musicality.

There’s a youthful rawness to the early Point G tracks – is it possible to emulate that rawness now your production skills have become so much more advanced?

If you do everything analog you’ll get the same result as it’s very convenient to mix in box after all the necessary tweaking and effects on a board, the big challenge is to sound as warm as possible unless you want feel digital, which can be cool too.

The whole current Point G resurgence has come from people re-evaluating your back catalogue – do you have any other old productions you’ve made that you feel deserve a second listen?

Besides early DJ Gregory cuts or Soha project with Julien Jabre, there’s this alias PRASSAY that has a few cuts like "krusin"  which could be a surprise, worth a remix for sure.

Do you have any interaction with the new French house crews you’ve undoubtedly influenced – people like ClekClekBoom or CUFF records? And how healthy is the French dance scene at the moment?

So much young blood, Paris is very healthy at the moment, it’s inspiring for sure. Looking forward to playing alongside all the Frenchies in sunny Barcelona next week at Poble Espanyol.