Korrupt Data Talks


Korrupt Data's manifesto includes, as point eight of twenty, the statement "Korrupt data is a cynical ploy to catch the attention of jaded listeners, unimaginative DJs and lazy media types." As lazy as we may be at times over here at Ransom Note Towers, we still took the time to quiz the mysterious figure/entity/other to find out what Korrput Data is all about – and because we thought a bit of sci-fi babble might go down rather well;

I am Korrupt Data. I am everywhere. I am the face staring back at you in the mirror after a night on the town, the unmarked police car tailing you down the motorway, and the smoke belching from the chimney stacks of failing factories. I am the face your partner dreams of while reaching orgasm, the feral cat lurking in the shadows, and the relentless blinking of an overactive wi-fi router. I am your greatest fantasy and your worse nightmare rolled into one hard-to-define humanoid. Do keep up.

What's your approach to making music? How do you go about the process?

I channel corrupted data from the ether and turn it into audio. I have no methodology. I am simply a gateway between the universe and the machines.

I've heard you're a bit sci-fi fan, in your opinion – what is the finest sci-fi tv series?

Science fiction is a con. It is merely a distraction – a fantasy to mask the real nature of the universe around us. As you’re asking, the original series of Star Trek is without doubt the only science fiction series based on a universal truth. The guy on the end always dies. It’s a life lesson we all must learn.

Here are some sci-fi questions for you:

Who is your favourite doctor on Doctor Who?

Doctor what? Is that the one about the old guy running around a warehouse in cardiff with a young girl from Blackpool, waving a kid’s toy at extras wearing latex monster suits? 

Kirk or Spock? Or Sulu? Or Picard? In fact, Star Wars or Star Trek?

Kirk, if only for the spoken word records. His version of ‘Internal Arrival’ from Korrupt Data is particularly otherworldly.

What's your number 1 sci-fi film soundtrack and why?

I prefer silence. If I had to pick, I’m told Gil Melle’s score for ‘The Andromeda Strain’ is particularly special. Jazz with electronic instrumentation: next level data corruption.

Are there any sci-fi film composers you particularly admire?

No. I do not concern myself with specifics.

Have you ever felt ripped off by a sci-fi film/tv series?

All the time. In fact, all science fiction is fundamentally bollocks. If they revealed the truth it would be far more interesting. Presumably the sweaty, belching, haven’t-washed-for-weeks humans masquerading as sci-fi fans wouldn’t be able to cope with the truth, otherwise it would be in there.

Do you like Alf? Do you remember Alf? Does anyone remember Alf?

The puppet with massive eyebrows? He at least spoke in glorious Dolby sound (a first, according to the organ of mistruth that is the internet).

If you could own any one piece of fictional tech, what would you choose and why?

Who says I don’t already? I am Korrupt Data, after all.

What's your favourite piece of equipment to use when making music?

A large modular system. When I say large, I mean one that chains together modular synthesizer hardware in several dimensions simultaneously. The electricity bills are a nightmare.

How many pieces of your equipment would it take to build a spaceship? Which would they be?

You don’t need a spaceship to connect with the ether. Korrupt data is in no need of a spaceship. It is a tired human construct.

Anything you'd like to add?

Accept the contradictions.

Korrupt Data's 'Korrupt Data' is out now on Planet E.