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RSN caught up with one of our favourite duo's – It's A fine Line – comprised of Ivan Smagghe and Tim Paris – ahead of their extended set this Friday night, alongside a live set from Canadian troubadour, Fairmont at Loft Studios presents…It's A Fine Line.


When and where did you first go out in London? how was that first experience of London Nightlife?

Ivan: my first 'real' going out in London was quite late in my nightlife life, early nineties… I must admit i can not remember much as it was also my first pill, I remember it being at Ministry of Sound, then hearing Harvey. but that may be a reconstruction. What I am sure of is that pills used to work in those days (or my tolerance had not built up), and that i gave all my possessions away to total strangers. Fascinating eh?


Tim: ah, well, mine was not that glorious as a punter either. I took my first pill too early in the queue for Velvet, and managed to get in for carl cox last record… as a dj, this may be more to the point. believe it or not but my first ever gig here was with Ivan more than 10 years ago ! He might not remember it but we were playing in the 'IDEAL' (Electronic Music distributor from the haydays…) warehouse as guest Djs. The atmosphere was magic, they just did put a couple of decks in the middle of the dancefloor and the dj was playing amongst the crowd. Ivan played a fantastic set and the guy after him cleared the dancefloor, there was no one left when I started.


Ivan: i surely remember Ideal parties but you were there? wow…


What are the downfalls of London nightlife?


We would have said the size of the city itself but people are travelling more and more. Look at Andy Blake's night south or The Loft west, people from Dalston would still travel for that. I suppose what you need to be careful is 'randoms' (at worse your suiter, at worse your' 'resident-advisor-beatport-averagejoe- iheardthebeatandicamein-warehouse-deep-revival' 

but most promoters have got that sorted now.

Cold warehouses can be a bit dismal but compared to other capitals, we have plenty of grit and choice.


The only real issue one can face are greedy promoters actually. Sometimes the business side of things take over and  you end up queuing for the bathroom for the cloakroom, for the Bar, for the taxi… to the sound of a lame DJ. Some seem a bit cynical about the whole thing, just cashing in. A real party has never been about the money right? That said that type never last long, the public is pretty quick to figure out the good from the bad.


What makes The Loft so special and what can people expect?


Tim: That’s exactly it about the Loft: the venue is really unconventionnal and looks really cosy. In my memory I always picture the most memorable parties because of the venue, The Loft is certainly one of the best spot I have played in London. Plus the crew really have that great frame of mind and set of values that makes you enjoy the night. They are not rude to people and prices are reasonable. And above all Derren knows better than anyone to throw the best parties in town (he fully participates for sure) ! It is also gonna be great to hear FAIRMONT's new album AUTOMATON being played live. Ivan had him for a KTDJ party in Paris recently, he was pretty impressed. This is no laptop shit, actually THERE IS NO LAPTOP, only machines, singing, jacking, trancing. the whole lot.


Is London still the world capital of nightlife? if yes, why? who should we watch in London, new promoters, new artists, new areas etc…?


Ivan: London's nightlife is constantly on the move. I love the fact that I end up sometimes playing with people and genres I had never heard of before (terror-techno? is that horror house but faster? goth step?). It can be over the top but that is it. London is NEW. Final. It does not capitalize on something, it does not have a Berghain that crushes the rest of it (do not get me wrong, I love the place). Dance Tunnel in Dalston is promising, Derren's work at the loft is impressive… New artists? bah, I have never even looked at where an artist is from, it does not matter. good records/bad records, that is it.


Tim: it certainly feels like the center of the music world in Europe. Of course Berlin has become known for it’s house and techno parties but London is so vibrant and a lot of different genres can be heard here. There’s so many people concerned with parties these days. The crowd is definitely a lot younger, a new generation is now taking over and they are highly knowledgeable music wise. For the first time since I have started Dj It’s possible to face huge crowd who is eager to hear the most underground track


Name 3 records you really wanna play this Friday ?








non are released. 

may be none ever will be. 

that is why you need to come on friday!








for the young people who wanna know about real old electronic music, 

not fake deep house cliches


Loft studios presents…It's A Fine Line is this Friday night. Grab advance tickets over here.