i-Robots talks moroder


Giorgio Moroder’s classic 1977 track ‘Utopia (Me Giorgio) off his seminal LP From Here to Eternity has been given the ‘reconstruction’ treatment by I-Robots who has put together not one, not two but three versions in what can only be described as an aural love letter to Mr Moroder.

We caught up with I-Robots ( Gianluca Pandullo to his friends) to get the lowdown on how the project came together, his favourite Moroder tracks and how he first came into contact with the maestro’s music as a young man in Turin…

When did you first come into contact with the music of Moroder?

First of all I have to thank the Italian Cosmic sound scene created from Daniele BaldelliAlso thanks to DJ Mozart that, along with Baldelli, started the Italian club history at the Baia Degli Angeli Gabicce, Italy.

Back in the days I remember one particular early 80s event at The Big Club venue in my home city Turin, Italy the guest dj was Claudio Mozart Rispoli (Jestofunk/Stato Brado) Suddenly my attention was focused on the Giorgio Moroder – Utopia – Me Giorgio tune that was played by Claudio at that moment.. I remember it very clearly: the club was minimal and dark (restyled for the early 80s New Wave/Dark fashion movements, very strong in my city at that stage), the stroboscopic lights were all on (the club had many big ones; really dominant effect of the club) without other lights working, so the image I had was like a black and white movie with the Moroder soundtrack what a flash in my eyes and soul From that event that track was rooted in my dance music background

And how did you first come into contact with the man himself in order to get the chance to do these remixes?

In the Spring of 2011 after my release of The Units – Connections album on my Opilec Music label (a release project featuring more than 50 remixers) i was contacted by Martin Brodin (MB Disco/Caus.N-ff-ct) to create an Italian remixers team to work on the Moroder E=MC2 tune. So me as I-Robots and my close friends Alexander Robotnick, Klein & M.B.O., Daniele Baldelli & Marco Dionigi reworked  the Giorgio classic using the original multitrack.

After that project I communicated to Martin my love for the Utopia Me Giorgio track, asking if he would be interested in re-releasing it exclusively. After a long wait at the end of 2013 we planned the official release Giorgio Moroder vs I-Robots. Caus.N-ff-ct/Deeplay Digital who have the license allow Opilec Music to produce the exclusive vinyl you can find now in shops worldwide. 

Apparently the tape reconstruction is based on a dream you had of finding a tape at a fleamarket, is this true?

Artist are always Dreamers

Do you use tape on it, if so cassette or reel to reel?

We just added original tape noises to the original track

What was the thinking behind producing three remixes rather than one?

From Here To Eternity album is one of my favourite space disco albums: it is a mixed composition with a 70s editing concept that also included the Utopia – Me Giorgio track. It didnt have a long edit  even on the 7 single so the idea was to create the Extended Version never produced by Giorgio or Casablanca Records in 1977. I never wanted to change the mood of it since this tune cannot be remixed because in this case a remix could just ruin a classic (just my opinion) and we never had the original multitrack to use for a proper more complex rework

Was it daunting, remixing a musician of the magnitude of Moroder? 

It could be, yes, if my intention was to create a remix but the concept was just a simple re-edit to celebrate the sound of Giorgio so I was sure of the result

Whats your all time favourite Moroder produced track?

There are some Giorgio projects, albums, tracks, Productions that I really love like From Here To Eternity, Munich Machine, Einzelgnger, Battlestar Galactica, Midnight Express, Call me by Blondie etc. but if I have to chose one i have no doubt on the Patrick Cowley remix of Donna Summer – I Feel Love. Serial Killer Tune!

Have you got plans for more collaborations with Mr Moroder?

For the moment I just wish to meet him soon and give him a copy of the 12, talk to him in Italian.. and see. If we will like each other something could happenwho knowsIm working on other Moroder tracks.. I hope we can release them soon

If you could bring together a group of musicians from throughout history to form a super group (with Moroder on production duties) who would you choose and why?

Since Im a Dreamer I would just love to use a Time Machine to fly back in timeWith his old vision he could produce many artists and bands and I could help him in the Extended Versions & Editing I could easily see artists like Vangelis, YMO, Tangerine Dream, The Alan Parsons Project, Mike Oldfield in our hands. 

Finally, if you had to describe the music of Giorgio Moroder in 5 words or less, what would they be? 

Inspiring, Essential, Seminal, Eternal, Alive.

Giorgio Moroder vs I-Robots – Utopia -Me Giorgio (The I-Robots Deconstructions) is out now on Deeplay/Opilec Music.

Buy the download at Juno/Buy the Vinyl at Decks.