Introducing: Boot & Tax Talk


The last time we tried to interview Boot & Tax we ended up with Ciaran getting a bit weird. There's no danger of that happening again this time though as the duo have willfully submitted themselves to a selection of some of our 'finest' questions.

The Milanese duo of Cristian Croce and Claudio Brioschi, of The Barking Dogs and Brioski respectively, share a passion for analog synths, raw experimentation and a rather impressive knowledge of clubbing and production.

They've just released the handily-named Boot & Tax via Optimo Music and it's filled with beats that are sure to add a spring to your step – the double vinyl is packed with psychedelic and hypnotic sounds. Here's your chance to find out some things about them that we're sure you've always wanted to know.

If you've not heard their R$N Mix mandate, rectify that forthwith whilst you read on… 

Who are you and what do you do?

Cla:I'm Claudio and I am a musician and DJ.

Cri: Hi my name is Cristian, I'm a DJ, producer and event organizer from Milan, Italy.

Why should we be listening to your music?

Cla: Hmm, well I don't know, if you have nothing better to do maybe you might like it.

Cri: Why shouldn't you?

Fill in the blanks: If you're not a fan of______you'll love me.

Cla: If you're not a fan of the quantize button you'll love me.

Cri: If you're not a fan of sport hunting you'll love me.

Who is making the music that you're hoping to rival?

Cla: Nobody.

Cri: We do not want to copy anyone. We make our sound and our style with many inspirations but no specific references, by experimenting with different sounds and rhythms, inspired by the world of the music we listen to, and inspired by our land. 

Where do you think you'll be on June 14th 2016?

Cla: I hope I'll be packing my suitcase to go to Sonar in Barcelona.

Cri: Playing in front of the sea, in a beautiful place with the right company.

While we're here, you really need to get your ears around this from the album…

How are you making yourself stand out from the crowd?

Cla: Being myself, being Italian, eating cakes and ice creams.

Cri: Staying myself. Consistency is underrated.

What’s your shoe size?

Cla: 44

Cri: 43

Do you read books still? If so, which books?

Cla: I'm reading a really interesting book by Bob Katz, Mastering Audio.

Cri: Unfortunately I'm not a big reader, but I'm a great listener.

What would be your ideal date?

Cla: Summer dates are always good. I love sea, sun and white umbrellas everywhere.

Cri: In a nice restaurant, eating raw fish and drinking Italian white wine.

Do you still wear flip flops?

Cla: Come on! Only for the shower and throwing out the garbage. 

Cri: No more.

What do you smell like?

Cla: Dior Homme.

Cri: I would say chocolate, but actually it has more to do with… green grass.

How do you take your tea?

Cla: I take afternoon tea sat down on my sofa with my little old ladies.

Cri: With my girlfriend.

Will you put your keys in our bowl? 

Cla: Bo (I don’t know)

Cri: It depends.

Are you a good kisser?

Cla: Absolutely the best in my house.

Cri: My girlfriend thinks so.

Describe your sound without using the letter 'e'.

Cla: Folk hous tochno.

Cri: I think that our sound is a mix of various musical roots. An imaginary flight through our Italian origins.

When did music last make you shed a tear?

Cla: Approximately 1 year ago when I listened to Laura Marling ‘Ghosts’ for the first time.

Cri: Last week listening to Arto Lindsay. 

What's on the way from you in the next few months?

Cla: Hopefully many beautiful things and a tour to present the album.

Cri: I hope for some gigs around the world, summer time and happiness. Who doesn’t?

What would your message to someone first getting into music be? Who should they listen to and what should they do?

Cla: Definitely listen to all kinds of music, not working with loops, and be open to all, not just opening a laptop

Cri: I would recommend them to go to record shops, to love music, follow their dreams and believe in themselves.

Tonka’s important question: If money was no object, from which country would you ship a high-class prostitute from, and how long would you let them stay for?

Cla: I don't know, I think from the Czech Republic, they are beautiful.

Cri: Sorry, I don't do prostitutes.

Anything you'd like to add?

Cla: How is Tonka? 

(I'm currently at Butlin's Minehead. I saw The Calvin Harris Experience at Reds on Tuesday night, murderous ex-footballer, Lee Hughes, on Wednesday afternoon, Diversity on Wednesday night and a Freddie Mercury tribute act on Thursday night. I fucking love Butlin's.

I hope Boots and Tracks are well. – Tonka)

Cri: You crazy guys. Emoticon smile.

Boot & Tax's selt-titled album is out now via Optimo Music.