Artist To Artist: Giles Smith & James Priestley


As they prepare for a summer of shows that sees them playing everywhere and anywhere where people have more fun than sense, we asked Secretsundaze masterminds Giles Smith and James Priestley to quiz each other. The result is possibly our favourite  artist to artist yet. Finally the world can learn how many berets Smith has, just who James reckons would win in fisticuffs between Dettmann and DVSI, and, crucially, the answer to a question that bothers us every living day: 'What's more Bazzy- Bazzy or Gazzy?'  


I think it’s pretty amazing you have been a promoter since you were at Uni. What did you want to be when you were growing up, other than a promoter?

When I was a kid, an architect, after that, no idea, so pretty handy I found something really…

Are you thinking of reviving the 'dressing gown’ in Fall 2015?

That’s a good question and not one I get asked that often. The 'dressing gown’ days were very much aligned to the bed parties of the time, an early noughties Columbia Road phenomenon. I’m thinking something a bit more daytime/sporty to fit into my new active healthy regime for this Autumn, still working on it mind…

You like to know exactly what the weather is going to be like. What's your favourite weather site?

Weather Underground every time. Don’t leave home without a quick check, tip for the day…

If you could be transported back in time to any club, which would it be?

Baia Degli Angeli, September 1977, the year I was born – that place must have defined ‘off the hook’ in every sense.

Tell us about 'Time For Going Home' the record you bought in Japan in January.

It’s by Golden Avatar. Fairly bonkers but somehow passable Hare Krishna Folk/Rock/Fusion curve ball end-of-nighter – I can get pretty excited letting that one drop.

Your fancy dress outfit impersonating Sun Ra was spot on. Are there any other musical legends you’d like to get dressed up as?

I did Harvey once but it was pretty half hearted. I’m generally not much of a dressing up man myself. Someone I know has been rocking the Jazz Messengers look recently – that’s a strong look for real, would love to give that a pop sometime.

(Actually Sun Ra, not a really good costume from James)

Which artist would you most like to release on secretsundaze in the future?

A Golden Avatar – Theo Parrish collaboration? I doubt I’d get that past you but I’d more than happily settle for a Ron Trent 12" – that would be dope.

What would you eat at your last supper? 

I dunno, you’d have to ask Barbara what was on the menu – she’d have to be there and she’s the food boss.

Who would win in a fight Marcel Dettmann or DVS1?

My head/money would be on Dettmann – man’s got big guns! My heart would be with DVS1.

It's the last secretsundaze ever, who gets to play the last set?

Well seeing as we couldn’t base it on which of us played at the last secretsundaze ever, last time, as tradition goes, there’d be only one way of deciding – tossing a coin. We know how those usually go down but I wouldn’t wanna tempt fate..


What did you have for breakfast this morning?

Muesli with almond milk and a hot water with lemon juice. Livin' life on the edge.

How many berets in your collection at the moment?

Last count about 10. They lose their shape after about 6 months and I can’t see myself ironing them (actually I don’t own an iron) so I just buy more. 

Is the beret under threat by the 5 panel baseball cap?

Well the baseball cap made a welcome change but it had a short life as someone nicked it from behind the decks at our Brighton gig a few weeks ago. Vive le beret! 

What’s your dream gig?

I guess just somewhere with a great booth, set up and sound system. 300 open-minded people with a good gay element. There would have to be some pokey punch going round and my driver would be Linda Evangelista

Your biggest fashion faux pas?

I know that you know the answer to this question but I’m not going to put this out in the public domain.

What’s more bazzybazzy or gazzy?

You can’t get more bazzy than bazzy but it’s nice to mix it up sometimes.

How’s the rave scene back in Newmarket these days? 

As you very well know there were some seminal clubs back in Newmarket amongst all the horses and short people. The Cabaret Club and The White House were destination clubs and travelled to by wide-eyed ravers from all over East Anglia. I couldn’t tell you about the state of the party scene there in 2015 though.

Dream artist/DJ booking?

I don’t think he was the best DJ but I was quite sad that we never got around to booking Larry Heard just because I would genuinely love to have met him. He looks like one of the sweetest people you’d ever meet too. 

If we hadn’t been fannying around throwing parties etc. for the last 14 years or so, what would you be doing now?

Despite your alleged fashion faux pas I do love clothes. Not so much fashion as style so maybe something to do with the clothes/fashion industry in a creative sense as opposed to the bullshit PR job that lasted for 6 months before we started. The people that work in the industry do put me off though. I’ve always liked and enjoyed writing so maybe writing too.

What are you most looking forward to?

Time off.

Don't miss the next three secretsundaze parties: Summer Opening Party on 3rd May, May Bank Holiday Special on 24th May and 10 Years In Barcelona on 21st June.