DJs for Climate Action announce Earth Night 2022 events


DJs For Climate Action (DJs4CA) have announced the fifth annual Earth Night – a series of events running from April 22nd to April 24th in cities across the world.

Venues across all continents are joining forces to call on the electronic music scene to make DJs4CA’s ‘Future Vision‘ initiative a reality, and take action by using renewable energy, going single-use plastic-free or providing only 100% plant-based food at events.

The promoters, venues and artists at each of the Earth Night events, which will take place in cities including Bogota, Detroit, Lisbon, Melbourne and Santiago de Chile, will be expected to commit to the Future Vision goals, which set new standards for climate action in the music industry.


Formed in 2011 as a means of tackling the negative aspects of working within the music industry, DJs4CA’s mission is to generate action on climate issues and give artists the tools and opportunities to engage their communities in the climate crisis. Projects have included events, releases, campaigns, fundraisers and cultivating partnerships with advocacy groups and climate conscious projects.

Earth Night is a branch of DJs4CA’s work and has been running since 2018. Their last event prior to Covid, which consisted of eight nights worldwide, raised over $15,000 for initiatives working towards climate solutions.

Earth Night c0-founder and one half of Soul Clap, Eli Goldstein said: “We’ve been working on raising awareness and encouraging action for five years now and this year we’re taking it a step further and asking our Earth Night events to embody the change that the industry needs. From reducing single use plastics, to recycling more, to using renewable energy, to cutting air travel emissions by supporting local DJs, we hope that these events can set an example and inspire positive change.”

To find out how you can get involved and throw your own Earth Night party, contact DJs for Climate Action and download the toolkit.