Premiere: Joe Howe – Wild Juke

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Debossed RGB WEB final

Glitchy experiments from the Acid Waxa camp.

Out in the streets there was a party kicking off. The summer heat had finally kicked in and kids danced beneath burst fire hydrants whilst parents sat and watched from their porches. Music played loudly and the smell of a grill was thick upon the occasional breeze which blew through. This would go on late…

Cars began to arrive one by one, the boom and rumble of a sound system could be heard from down the way and it would be no time at all before the boys turned up to show off whatever wild juke they’d been working on that week. Their feet would move fast and free as the stresses of the week were unleashed against a backdrop of breaks and wicked drums.

Eventually the cops might show up to slow proceedings but they knew it would all kick right off again the moment they left. This was the summer in full flow…


Joe Howe is set to release a new record on Acid Waxa – a playful release which wanders between styles and genres all with a glitchy, chaotic feel throughout which makes for quite the trip. This track is called ‘Wild Juke’ and is a sort of mutated crossover between the traditional sounds associated with the genre and an erratic computer video game.

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Listen below: