dispari releases new tape from Trần Uy Đức

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Trần Uy Đức – s_t cassette tape 1_zoom

The record label run by Phuong Dan announced the new limited cassette last week.

Hanoi-based Vietnamese artist Trần Uy Đức is set to release a new collection of music on the record label with Phuong Dan describing it as an introduction to the artist.

The music featured on the limited cassette tape draws upon sounds and influences rooted in the musicians cultural background and blurs the lines between both traditional and experimental takes on style and genre. Made up of 19 tracks the tape is wide in its sound palette and acts as an exciting first expose of Trần Uy Đức’s music.


This is the fourth release on the dispair label which has previously hosted music by the likes of Anatolian Weapons, Gavsborg and Cloud Management.

Buy the release HERE.