special Disco Mention #10: YEEZUS


Yeezus Christ! Therere egomaniacs and then theres Kanye West. Everyone and their dog has seen the video for Bound 2 by now: what an experience. Horses. Kim Kardashian. Side Boobs. Motorbikes. Terrible backdrops. Side Boobs. Hair blowing in the wrong direction. Weird hobbit dancing. Kim Kardashian. Terrible Rapping. Side Boobs. On and on, ad infinitum. Its a new low in a long history of lows. Its the worst thing ever made. Its Kanye/Ye/Yeezus/Bejeezus (or whatever we must currently refer to the messiah as) finally losing all sense of reality and condensing his epic mental breakdown into a few minutes of audio visual slop. 

So, we had that to feast on and then, not content with parading around with his metaphorically poo stained trousers around his metaphorical ankles, we were treated to his outburst against Louis Vitton. Yves Carcelle, the vice president of LV, had the temerity to question the validity of a meeting which the young YeYe insisted upon while in Paris, presumably so he could dispense some style advice to the boring old brand. Obviously, with an ego visible from space, Kanye was hurt at the rejection. His response, as he told a Washington radio station: 

“I said, ‘let me explain to you why you need to meet with me. Everybody in New York City right now don’t buy any Louis Vuitton until after January. Now do you want to meet with me? Now do you want to meet with me?’ Influence. They think that I don’t realise my power.”

So, there we are. In your face Louis Vuitton. Kanye realises his power. He has the power to make people in New York buy Louis Vitton BEFORE January. So basically, in December. And November. And October. And September and all the way back to, err February. So, Kanye realises his POWER, but unfortunately he doesnt seem to realise that all of the other eleven calendar months are, actually, after January. Thats the thing about Kanye West – his ego and his talent/intelligence dont come anywhere near to matching up. Whether he’s bursting onto the stage at award ceremonies, naming his first child or chatting fraff in interviews, he always come’s across an idiot. Hes a sub standard rapper (this is no Master Ace were talking about). Hes a sub standard style icon (this is no Lady GaGa were talking about). Hes actually just sub standard, full stop. He sells a lot of records, but so do One Direction. He gets a lot of column inches (apologies), but so does Joey Essex . In short, hes got nothing to offer other than inching us ever closer to the very Death of Culture. And for that, young Yeyelzebub, well raise our Louis Vitton glasses full of fizz and throw the contents in your silly bugger of a face.