This Week…Smiling Through The Pain


‘Blink 182 is one of the most common passwords' – A Non

‘Stuff like “Leather”, “Cut Grass” and “Thunderstorm” ' – O Jekt

“Sir I am rich  and very bright due to my hard work born in a council flat in Hackney. I never stole anything” – A Sugar

With very little kicking off on Twitter this week, everyone here at Ransom Note towers has been able to relax a little knowing that balance has been restored to the electronic music scene (for now). Especially with big Jeff dropping those little nuggets of wisdom he has stored in the corner of his spaceship.

TBF I think he sounds a bit spicy that he didn’t get into the Ransom Note Top 1000 things that exist list that we’re compiling for that December onslaught of lists.

Talking of space old Dennis has gone full Star Wars this week;

He only believes in two types of genres he says, Good and Bad. Bit binary mate, sounds like he’s looking to pick a fight with Beatport! 


The meme’s have started, so the old guy with sadness is his eyes (not Jeremy) can get a few weeks off from seeing his face everywhere.

Looks like Boris is tooling up to fuck the country once again.
And the Mangal 2 twitter guy has seen the bar raised;

Fiona told Glasgow Live she was left "completely shocked" after the owner subsequently issued his own rebuttal last week.
The savage reply, from the owner under the username 'BigMuhammad', read: "Your gaff is manky yet you don't see me complaining about your maw's cooking after I pump her, barred!"

Enjoy your weekend!