This Week… work, work to be a winner!


“Second place is just the first place loser.”

This week there was only one winner, I think we all know who that is. This in turn means that there was also only one loser…

That my friends was very much made clear when a presidential press conference was held in between a dildo store and a crematorium: in the car park of a miscellaneous landscaping business in the back end of nowhere, USA. Yes, you could be forgiven for mistaking Trump’s latest four seasons blunder as a scene shot from the upcoming American version of The Thick Of It. However, you would still be wrong – for this was how the presidential race was lost, in between a sex shop and some graves. It’s kind of fitting really…. 

Anyway, that was perhaps the best piece of news this damned year has brought us. Although I’m pretty sure the talking gingernut won’t go down without a fight. 

Over on this side of the pond things are getting cold and dark as winter approaches with venomous contempt. Some of you twisted f*ckers like that sh*t, the icy chill of a breeze in the morning and the bleak black density of the endless nights and shorter days.  Ah well, each to their own. 

Meanwhile the pandemic rages on and some guys who make Viagra think they’ve found a cure so things are looking up… I guess. 

Here’s some Internet funnies…