This Week – We Did Something New This Morning…


"With Jessica Ennis replacing Cheryl Cole as the new ‘nation’s sweetheart’, it would seem that people might begin to choose their idols more carefully from herein." Greg Wilson

This week's guest quotes come from Golf

"He’s got half of them already, and he’s right there, anything can happen. You can’t predict anything but he now knows, and more importantly, the rest of the field knows, that when he is on they might be playing for second place."
"It should be a lot of fun. It’s the first time I’ve ever done something like this with Tiger."
"I told myself, if I win again, it's going to be my best trophy I've ever had."
"I’ve played a lot of golf with Michelle this year. I asked her if she has cried, like a few times this year. She said, 'Of course.'" 
"The guy with a lot of potential is athletic, long and in search of his golf ball." 
"Obviously a lot of people have mentioned my name, and that is nice. … It is a position I have always enjoyed, but we will just have to wait and see." 

Thrilling eh?

Quick, pull it back from the precipice of banality troup… 

"Is Facebook's Zuckerberg In Over His Hoodie?" Forbes

Nup, not doing yerself any favours there… 

Article on people switching to local banking in the Big Issue is utopian but very interesting… tis a good read is that there Issue of Big. I hadn't bought it for a while. I'll be frequenting its pages more frequently if you like. Also very interesting article from John Bird called 'The Benefits of Being in the Pink' about the FT explain all this complicated shit like IMF n' stuff… obviously there's no links to em cos you need to buy the magazine. Go on get off yer arse, get away from the comp and get outside. He says, tapping all this garibaldi biscuits out.

Good article from Mr Greg Wilson on Putting The Black In The Union Jack

Independent thought leads to chaos… brilliant! 

Cohort been rather obsessed by this, this week: Throwaway time! What's your secret that could literally ruin your life if it came out? 

Free Pussy Riot… sign Avaaz – click the pic.

R$N's staff outing last week, I'm on the right here… 

The 'chemputer' that could print out any drug – possibilities are endless. God, that sounded like a student writing that!

Disturbingly fascinating…

Play these together, some or all, start them at any time, in any order.  

Write a letter to your future self

Philographics – Explaining philosophy through basic shapes…

I/O Brush – Painting with patterns. Quite fun. 

Navigate the landing site on Mars.

Embarrassing dad wears different fancy dress outfits every day to wave his son off to school


Right, some good stuff in there this week, got a stack more too… let's keep it for next week eh?
I'm off…x

Oh hang, have a listen to this on yer way out… new Ejeca – Bodychuk via Bicep blog…