This Week… Somebody Scream!


“There is no darkness but ignorance” – Shakespeare

Let’s get real, 2020 has been really, really bad. I for one am not looking forward to writing the Ransom Note top 100 of 2020 end of year list. However, there have been a few redeeming features of what has otherwise been the absolute pits.

Take Carol Baskin for interest, the worlds favourite tiger mum who had a bit of a nightmare this week. If it hadn’t been for lockdown then who would have actually invested the ten or so hours in the tiger documentary series? Not me…. maybe. 

We haven’t been able to go on holiday. However is this really such a bad thing? It’s brought local communities closer together and perhaps made us reconsider the beautiful luxuries of life at home. Like this guy for interest, who really does make me want a sandwich and a haircut. 

Some have complained about missing their favourite pub or restaurant. However, this too can be contested as us Brits have been forced to use our own ingenuity and invention to reimagine culinary classics. Could this be the birth of a new fine dining renaissance in the UK? Perhaps… 

Anyway, i’m off for a socially distant office catch up this afternoon which will likely turn out a lot like this…

Have a great weekend troops! Here’s the interweb! 


In the 2001 Royal Rumble, Kane wore a mask for 54 minutes and eliminated 11 people. You can wear one to Aldi.